Y.A.T - Yet Another Trinado
A Tornado based trimaran project

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Station drawings.

  • File name denote distance from transom, i.e file "YAT-stn-15.pdf" is the station at 1,5 meter from transom.
    Station 1.0m and 3.3m are location of cross beams.

  • Measurement on drawing indicate measurement to the outside of hull or deck.

  • Each drawing contains of-set lines for the hull,
    - one is at 10 mm from outside to indicate hull thickness,
    - the other is 30 mm (10+20) of-set to indicate mold.

    The of-set lines for the deck is 5 mm to indicate the thickness of the wooden strip deck,  the next of-set 10mm (5+5) which indicate the deck support beam (basically a thinker lamination under the deck, transversal at each station)

  • Drawing size are A3 at scale 1:5 

Mold drawings 
Each station is drawn out on an particleboard (Chipboard).
Board size in here in Sweden is typically 1200x2500 mm
These mold drawings is a example of how to place and cut out each station on 6 boards. Board have thickness of 12 mm.