Y.A.T - Yet Another Trinado
A Tornado based trimaran project

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I used a laser to align the hull and draw markers for bulkheads and floor locations.

Carving out the foam were the two main bulkheads are to be mounted, to make a transition from sandwich core laminate to single skin laminate.

After carving the area is sanded, its 100 mm wide.






090725 Carving completed, at station 1.0 and 3.3 where bulkheads for cross beams will be attached.

Single skin areas are laminated with fiberglass strips of 3 x 300g.

A 100 mm wide fiberglass stripe is glued along the wooden gunwale and hull foam



The inside of the hull is prepared for lamination,
- The location of main bulkheads have now single skin laminate.
- Inside reinforcement of gunwale
- All staple holes has been filled with epoxy filling




A pic of my cutting table
A roller knife makes cutting the fibre much easier than using a scissor.

The inside layup is is one layer of 300g rowing and one layer of 290g twill, as this is the fibre I have at home. These are difficult to work with, especially the twill.
It would problaly be much easlier to use a biaxial 600g. (and stronger).
I let the fibreglas sheet hang down, 1m wide - and overlaping over the bulkhead location.

Lamination completed.
Working late at night I was not able to get all the air out from the lamination. There are some small spots that have trapped air behind the lamination - These air traps are encircled on this picture.

A pic of air trapp
I will grind these down and make a patch over it.
These would problalby not occure if I had used a different type of fibreglas mat.

Lamination of bow was difficult, as the bow is very shap and narrow on the insided.
It would be easier if the hull would end at a flat narrow bulkhead near the bow.

Inside lamination completted 

Note Picture shows wrong date !


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