Y.A.T - Yet Another Trinado
A Tornado based trimaran project

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A mixture of epoxy and micro balloons in a plastic bag, squeezed out in strings to make ridges.

The distance between ridges are 10- 15 cm and overlap over keel.

Various home made sanding blocks for sanding.

- 90 cm long board with handles - used for convex and flat surfaces .

- Paper tubes, short and long - used for concave surfaces

To attach the sanding paper, I use a spray glue to spray on the surface then attach the sanding paper.

Sanding the ridges to get a even hull shape

Some ridges are sanded down completely to the hull surface, others are a few mm high.

A wide spatula is used to fill the area between the ridges with putty compound.
(mixture of epoxy and micro-balloons)

After the first layer, a second layers is applied before the first layer is completely harden (to avoid sanding in between).
For this second layer I made the fairing compound a little thinner.

Finished with two layers of fairing compound

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Project is closed for winter !

Yes, the Tornado hulls need to be covered .

Perhaps I will build some bulkheads or other parts in my heated workshop this winter.

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