Y.A.T - Yet Another Trinado
A Tornado based trimaran project

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 Jig    Outside Hull    Fairing    Turning    Inside hull

2 x 3mm plywood strips are glued together to form the shape of the hull

The plywood laminate is then glued to the outside bulkhead jig.

Time to turn the hull

Sören giving a helping hand

Flipped over

As the hull is not yet laminated on the inside, I need to add some stiffness before removing the inside jig.
A triangular shaped wooden piece is mounted to the gunwale - to add some stiffness to the hull.

The triangular piece glued to gunwale on both sides.

The triangular wooden piece extended to the stern.

Time to add some stiffness to the stern, by a sandwich transition to single skin laminate.

Removing the foam with a oscillating carving machine.

All foam removed.


3 layers of 300g roving strips laminated.

Time to remove the inside jig and battens.

As the foam was previous held to the battens with staples - they are now removed. Pulled out with a pair of pliers.
The holes are then filled with epoxi puddy.


Inside jig removed.

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