Y.A.T - Yet Another Trinado
A Tornado based trimaran project

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Catamarans & trimarans
Swedish trimaran & catamaran sailors
Nautical Trek - Collection or various trimarans (French)

Other Tornado based trimarans
Paul Bieker's Trinado

Kelsall Typhoon 25
Jörg Mairer "Pegasus" Soling + Tornado 
Simon Whitewater beautiful Monster, a Typhoon restoratio

bateau2 has some great instructions on Foam Sandwich construction (Note: click "Next" at the bottom)
Check how Love Kull makes a spolier for his car, using XSP, hotwire knife and some clay

Beautiful boats

Design software (that I use)
Delftship - Ship & Boat design software (Free) works great with LinuxMint - Ubuntu.
JavaFoil - Analysis of air foils.
Sail Power Calc - To calculate sail forces and momentum.
DraftSight - Excellent 2D for Linux & Win 
Primo PDF - Free PDF Creator for Windows.