Y.A.T - Yet Another Trinado
A Tornado based trimaran project

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Fwd - top - view

Initially the Tornado amas will be used, with centerboards and rudders.
These will later be replaced by new design amas that has more volume fwd.




Fwd - bottom - view





Aft - bottom - top - view






Fwd -  view

A empty boat has a estimated displacement of of 300 kg The vaka (main hull)  DWL is at 270 kg, and thus the amas are tangent to water level, (more or less).
The vaka (main hull) tulip-shape hull is optimized for a narrow water line and to give sufficient inside space.

Top - sailing width - view
The sailing width is  4,8 m
The vaka has a close to parallel hull deck edge between the cross beams to allow a narrow overall beam for transport., when amas are retracted.



Top - transport width - view

When amas are retraced  for transport the overall width is 2,5 m . 

The cross beams have detachable outer parts that are removed for transport.

Support structure 

Floor + seat 

A design study of ama Folding / Swing
The sailing width is reduced from 4,8 m to 4,6m

Folding - out (4,6m)

Folding - in (2,6m)

Swing - out (4,6m)

Swing - in (2,5m)