080824 - Outside laimating compl.

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080824 Outside lamination completed, time to turn the hull over to work on the inside.
Summer is almost over, temperature is falling - I fell that I need to complete the hull lamination outside/inside, to get it sturdy before winter, as it will not be possible to do any major lamination work if if the temperature falls below  +5 degr C.

080810 Started to laminate the hull -Link

080808 Foaming completed.

080806  Its been raining for days .....  But now I've build a shelter and started to attach the foam.
I did some lamination test last week using 2 x 280g twill (intended as outer skin) but it is not strong enough !
There is a risk that it can get punctured to easily.
Perhaps 3 x 280g (840g) is better, and also to add a extra layer under water level.

080715 The jig is finished, it time to start applying the hull, please see building link
I've started to mount the wooded gunwale and keel board and making preparations applying the foam onto the jig.
The bow is definitely the most difficult part, so far, to make the hull attach to it, how ?  - perhaps the reason is that the bow is very sharp - maybe too sharp (8 mm radius) . I'm thinking to make a a bigger radius for the bow, the fiberglass will wrap around it much better and it will be stronger.

I have order fiberglass for the hole project (almost) one role of 280g twill (100meter) and 14 kg of Epoxy.
Originally I intended to use 1x 450g biaxial and 1 x 160g twill for both inside and outside of the hull, but since the hull has both convex and concave surfaces it could be difficult for the 450 g biaxial to follow the shape, so now it will be 2 layers of 280g twill instead.

It also summer time (unfortunate no sailing this year), so it vacation time - I will go to the Swedish island of Gotland. and be back in beginning of August.  - lamination time !


080627 Reinforcement of bow plate, see building link

080622 Bow plate.
I had not previously made any detail design/thought of the bow plate, how the hull is to be attached to the bow plate and how to adapt/fix necessary hardware, like a future furler.       
I just realized that this must be done now as when the sandwich hull applied there is very little space inside the bow, it's very narrow, it would not bee possible to build in any reinforcement later.

080601 - All stations has been cut out and now its time to assemble the jig.
I will publish pictures on new link page "Building" as the work progress.

080420 - The bow drawing is finished, time to prepare to start building.
Starting by cutting out each station on chip-board, then mounting them on a strong-back.
I will hope fully start next week-end

080413 -Bow Drawing
All station drawings are finished its time to do the bow drawing.


080329 - Station drawings 

I started to put station drawings under new link page "Drawings"
For time being these are available as pdf files with measurements for each station.
It takes some time to make these drawings, so I will publish each drawings as the y will be finished.

I would appreciate your comments to these - is there some information missing ? 


080309 - Lamination test & Detail drawings 

I've been doing laminations test using 2 component polyurethane from Bosik.- because it's priced 50% lower that epoxy. This is a "professional" glue that is normally used for gluing floor material in public places, (higher loads). The glue had a very god adhesive to XPS, I estimated the adhesive to be just as god as epoxy. However, the ability to wet through fiberglass fibers was not so god, because of the viscosity (its a thick paste). Even though I vacuum the lamination, it did not saturate the fibres properly.

Detail drawings
I'm still ! working on the detail drawings for stations.
I had to make some modifications to the Freeship file to also include the deck  lines on each station.
Then to export Freeship stations to DXF and eventually DWG or other CAD format - I notices that
the lines were not 100 % correct, there were some deviations that perhaps does not have any practical
importance. But I must have the lines correct within in +/- 1 mm.
It appears that I get different lines when exporting - importing to various CAD program.
Perhaps it best to create a PDF, which should be "printable stable"

New epoxy
Last week-end I was on Gotland (a Swedish Island in the Baltic) and visited Kompositfabriken 
to discuss various lamination with the owner Henrik Uddemar.  Henrik has made his own epoxy systems
I've got some epoxy sample to test  - I did  a test laminate this week-end (Mar 8) using Henriks epoxy.
Kompositfabriken has very god prices for both Epoxy and fiberglass.
So I will check the result in the coming days.

Stockholm Boat Show
This week was also the "Allt För Sjön" there was some smaller trimarans on display
- The new Magnum 18 from France
- Small Weta all the way from New Zealand