Y.A.T - Yet Another Trinado
A Tornado based trimaran project              
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This is an amateur design/building project of a 6,4m trimaran. The design criteria for this trimaran are based on a Tornado sail rig, to be a “decent” sailing machine with a touch of comfort. Mainly to be used for day trips with the possibility to spend a few days on longer trips with a camping standard of accommodation. 

It should be easily handled on a trailer by one person, as the amas are quickly slided to its sailing position and raising of the rig are done single handed. This also makes the trimaran easy to handle at the dock.

It is a evolutionary project where the vaka (main hull) will be design initially to be used with the Tornado sail rig and amas. When the main hull has been evaluated, new amas with higher displacement will be designed/built.

The main hull will be build with a 10 mm foam core sandwich  laminate and the deck will be made of wooden stips - epoxy laminated as to get a wooden boat feel.

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Whats new :
100320 - Centerboard design
090927- Laminating inside main hull.
090819 -Design study of ama Folding / Swing
090803 - Turning the hull

090111 -Design change

- New design
- Previous.
081125 - Closed for winter
081005 - Sanding the hull
080824 - Laminating compl.
080810 - Laminating started
080808 - Foaming completed
080622 - Mounting Bow plate
080601 - Jig assembly
080329 - Station drawings
080309 - Detail drawings 
080118 - Lamination test 
070505 - Foam test 
Epoxi adhesive to XPS
070505 - Increase the main hull PC Prismatic coefficient = Done, it is now 0,60